A Permissioned Blockchain for the Global Legal Industry



Blockchain Smart Lease Technology

  • Add blockchain functionality to existing software

  • Transform legacy contracts from dumb documents to smart documents

  • Public-private key encryption

  • Synchronize contract data using blockchain technology


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Integra Ledger is the blockchain for law – a global utility providing a new foundation for security, integrity, and interoperability of the global legal industry, based on blockchain technology.

At the heart of Integra Ledger is a new concept of universal, blockchain-based identities for legal information – matters, documents, clients, contracts, etc. These identities can be used by existing software, preserving legacy investments of law firms and clients.

Ledger Matter

The foundational object in the Integra Ledger permissioned blockchain is a Ledger Matter (“LMat”), which is a digital object that records the existence of a unique legal issue or legal matter.

Identity Protect by the Integra Wallet

The identity of individuals and entities is fully protected on Integra Ledger. We utilize Public/Private key pairs managed by the Integra Wallet.

Hashed Data

Private messages, documents, agreements, and other data are not stored on the blockchain. Rather, a cryptographic hash of the information is stored on the blockchain to confirm existence and uniqueness.

Smart Contracts

Integra Ledger natively supports smart contracts and will serve as a platform for the development of legally
compliant smart contracts throughout the legal industry ecosystem.

Veritas Nodes

Selected major law firms, companies, and universities can elect to host full “Veritas Nodes” of Integra Ledger. These nodes contain every entry in the permissioned blockchain and serve to ensure the integrity and
redundancy of the distributed ledger.

Open Source Ecosystem

While access to Integra Ledger is by permission, the Integra Ledger blockchain is open source to facilitate the development of new applications that leverage the common ecosystem and standard approach to privacy,
security, and interoperability.

Integra empowers trust in the legal technology ecosystem

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