Legal at the Forefront of Technology at NY Blockchain Hackathon

Winning Teams Used Integra Legal Ledger as Blockchain Technology Backbone

Left to right: David Berger (CTO, Integra Inc.), Camillo Cuadros Parra, Ian Lim, Bijie Zhu, David Fisher (CEO, Integra Inc.)

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, 17/10/22 – Integra Legal Ledger was the technology platform used to build workable prototypes this past Startup Weekend Blockchain Edition. First place team BlocVac, and third place team Charity Coin used Integra’s blockchain to successfully build their winning solutions.

The first place winners were led by 16yr old Ian Lim, backed by a dedicated team. Ian came to Startup Weekend NY Blockchain Edition, with one purpose – use the unique utility of blockchain technology to build a medical records management platform. BlocVac used the new blockchain platform Integra Legal Ledger as the technology backbone, hosting it on IBM’s bluemix.

Third place winners Charity Coin, a cryptocurrency based platform for the purpose of facilitating social funding abroad, also used Integra Legal Ledger to build their working prototype. Charity Coin’s team was spearheaded by Ric Johnson, a big proponent of the open technologies movement and founder of Open Domain.

“My non-profit has been contributing to open source for 20 years so I love that Integra has contributed their framework to open source. It made storing documents on the blockchain incredibly easy, and we were able to use their API in minutes.” – Ric Johnson, founder of Open Domain

“The amazing work that Ian and the BlocVac team were able to complete in less than 48 hours is indicative of the pace of innovation and transformation that Integra empowers in the legal technology industry and beyond.” – David Fisher, CEO, Integra Inc.

“Given the traditionally archaic legal industry, it’s pretty unreal to now see Integra bringing legal to the forefront of what is a truly disruptive technology – the blockchain.”  Aileen Schultz, Director of Network Intelligence, Integra Inc.


Integra Ledger is the blockchain for law – a global utility providing a new foundation for security, integrity, and interoperability of the global legal industry, based on blockchain technology.

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