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Why Integrate Blockchain?

Blockchain identities for legal documents, contracts, and data
Use the Integra Ledger blockchain Foreign Key as a Service (FKaaS) API to create immutable blockchain IDs for use across organizations and software systems.
Confirm authenticity of legal documents, contracts, and data
Create and record hashes of legal documents, contracts, and data to confirm existence and authenticity – blockchain “audit trail” for data, across organizations and software systems.
Add Encryption
Using blockchain encryption key registry services
Example Applications
Version control – Time-stamping – Encryption – Document and contract authentication – Audit trail – Artificial Intelligence audit – smart contracts – computable contractss

Blockchain Integrations Presented

Incorporating blockchain technology into NetDocuments’ governance platform enables sensitive and transactional documents to be verified by posting to a digital ledger, validating document details such as canonization, approval, status, filing and other relevant document information. -ArtificalLawyer Peter Buck

VP Product Strategy at NetDocuments

We want to make sure our customers are using the best product possible that supports their business and the growing demands of their clients. If a technology like blockchain can advance our product and this industry as a whole, it’s something we need to explore. -ServeManager Trent Caryle

CTO of ServeManager

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What is the Integra Ledger?

Integra Ledger is the first project of the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium. Currently based on the open source Hyperledger Fabric blockchain and hosted on IBM Blockchain Platform, it is a utility blockchain for confirming integrity and authenticity of legal data. Specifically, it can be used to confirm authenticity of contracts, confirm contract status, improve security and privacy of documents and contracts, improve data interchange between corporate legal departments and law firms, and add functionality to legacy software systems. 

Hashed Data

Private messages, documents, agreements, and other data are not stored on the blockchain. Rather, a cryptographic hash of the information is stored on the blockchain to confirm existence and uniqueness.


The Integra Ledger FKaaS (Foreign Key as a Serve) is a foundational application that allows organizations to add a blockchain based foreign key to any row of any database table, thus creating an immutable, unique, external identifier for the data without revealing the data itself.


Integra Ledger natively supports smart contracts and will serve as a platform for the development of legally compliant smart contracts throughout the legal industry ecosystem.


Selected major law firms, companies, and universities can elect to host full “Veritas Nodes” of Integra Ledger. These nodes contain every entry in the permissioned blockchain and serve to ensure the integrity and redundancy of the distributed ledger

How Blockchain Works

At its core, a blockchain is a database (“ledger”) that records digital transactions. The ledger is duplicated and synchronized across all computers (“nodes”) in the network. For a transaction to take place on the ledger, the nodes must come to a consensus and verify the transaction. Because all of these transactions are encrypted, digitally signed, and cannot be altered, the distributed nature of blockchain technology creates intrinsic trust in the network and removes the need for social trust in intermediaries and central authorities.

Integra Wallet

Users can access the Integra Ledger via a graphical interface called the Integra Wallet, which holds private user credentials to access data that the user has written to the Integra Ledger blockchain. 

Smart Documents

The Integra Ledger blockchain technology can be integrated with various software platforms to create Smart Documents. Integration has already been successful with platforms such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, and Thomson Reuters Contract Express just to name a few.

Email Encryption

The Integra email encryption feature is integrated directly within your existing email platform. Send and receive emails using blockchain technology to ensure that only recipients with the appropriate encryption key can view the content of the email. It’s email security taken to the next level.

Document Version Control

Version control has been problematic in the legal industry and elsewhere for decades. The Integra Ledger blockchain technology creates an immutable record for all versions of a document so that determining the most recent version will never be in question


Integra was the founding member of the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium (GLBC). It organizes and aligns global legal industry stakeholders  to enhance the security, privacy, productivity, and interoperability of blockchain technology. More than 120 organizations are involved with the GLBC in creating these standards and governance. Several of them are collaborating and creating blockchain-based solutions using the Integra Ledger.

Blockchain for the buisness of law

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