Blockchain e-Signature Beta Program (free)

Why e-Signature on Blockchain?

E-Signature is a technology specification that varies from country to country. No one company owns or controls the specification, and many cloud-based applications exist to help companies and law firms to manage e-signatures and the documents that are e-signed.

Integra is the founder of the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium, which is the largest blockchain consortium in the legal industry, in the world. The Integra Ledger blockchain, which was specifically designed for the legal industry and is hosted by the legal industry itself, presents a unique opportunity to re-imagine e-signatures as a community-developed application that utilizes shared blockchain infrastructure. Benefits of this will include things like immutable audit trail for e-signatures, private key infrastructure via the blockchain itself (important for identity and trust), and potential cost reductions of 75-95% over various cloud-based e-signature services.

Blockchain e-Signature Beta Program

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