Blockchain Information Governance

Why Blockchain Information Governance Matters

Information governance (IG) is the logical structure of all data within an organization. This data framework helps with legal compliance, operational transparency, and reducing expenditures associated with legal discovery.  This includes all documents and records being stored, as well as data exchanged inside and outside the organization. IG considers how data is held and controlled. This can protect a company during the  e-discovery process.

Blockchain Information Governance (BIG) holds the promise of binding information governance rules and features into the documents themselves, reducing the complexity, cost, and risk of enterprise IG. The Integra Ledger blockchain is used to authenticate the IG rules and features for each document, with any of the documents’ contents being transmitted outside of the enterprise. Neither the documents nor the information contained in them is stored on the blockchain.

Because the information governance rules are encoded in the documents themselves, and confirmed via the Integra Ledger blockchain, documents can be moved, transferred, and even emailed, while preserving the governance features. Additionally, document level governance can be implemented without the addition of complicated and expensive new software.

Blockchain Information Governance

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