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Blockchain Development and Integration

Integra has dedicated and experienced development team that can integrate blockchain into existing software and help you develope a blockhain project.


Integra offers a wide-range of consulting services for your organization. Blockchain will  be integrated as an additional data layer to most legacy software systems. We are here to help educate the legal industry on this technology.


Integra offers regular workshops and webinars to educate your organization about the integration of blockchain technology and its uses.

Who uses Integra?

Law Firms

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Blockchain is quickly changing the landscape on how law firms provide services to their clients. With more clients adopting this technology, law firms will have to quickly integrate this technology into their current systems to meet their clients needs.

Legal Corporate Departments

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Legal corporate departments can use blockchain technology to make their work more efficient. Furthermore, blockchain integration can improve the relationship between outside counsle by having verified data.

Legal Technology Vendors

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The legal industry uses software vendors that already exist. Blockchain integration can improve current systems out there by having trusted and verifiable data. Furthermore, it can make their end users more efficient providing better services to their  and providing better services to their clients.  Example

Technology Consulting Firms

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Technology consulting firms advise their clients on the best practices of integrating technology into their organization.  Blockchain technology is rapidly evolving and we can help consulting firms educate their clients and its best uses.

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We are here to help improve blockchain integration for the legal industry.

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