Integra has a dedicated team that meets with and educates organizations about blockchain, and its practical use in the legal industry. This technology can be easily integrated into almost any modern software system. We brainstorm with organizations on how this technology will benefit them, their clients, and their technology future. This workshop usually takes half a day, but can be fully customized based on the size of the organization and their unique needs.

Blockchain Explained

If your team is new to blockchain, we can help educate  them on how this technology  is more than  cryptocurreny.


Integra provides educational materials that are useful to  lawyers, technologists, and executives.


The workshop provides the most benefit when it’s truly collaborative. We talk with your team  to find out how your organization can benefit from blockchain technology.


Integra provides examples of blockchain integrations and use-cases to help deepen the understanding of how blockchain may benefit your organization.

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